7 Earth Day Deals on Refurbished Wirecutter Picks


Want to shop more sustainably on an individual level? Curbing impulse buys and repairing items you already own are good steps. Buying certified refurbished kitchen gear, tech, and small appliances can help, too, plus save you cash.

“Manufacturing requires raw materials and uses energy and emits pollution. That’s why shopping pre-owned is usually better for the environment,” said sustainability editor Katie Okamoto.

“And buying a pre-owned device or appliance through a certified refurbished program makes so much sense, because you get the peace of mind that the machine has passed inspection for quality and safety and is often backed up by guarantees. You save money—often a lot of money—and you skip over that environmentally intensive manufacturing phase. It’s a win-win.”

Refurbishment programs vary, so always read the fine print to ensure an item is certified and backed by a warranty. But ahead of Earth Day April 22, we’ve saved you time: These deals on Wirecutter picks make the cut.


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